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"Bulls sitio oficial" de noticias, porque el esguince del codo derecho y fracturas menores, toro defensor Dwyane - Wade reembolso temporada regular. Se informa que Wade no necesita someterse a una cirugía, si los Bulls llegaron a los playoffs, Wade puede volver en los playoffs.

"I'm fine," said Wade, "and now everything I can do is to do my best to move forward from yesterday's shadow and make a little progress every day. Everything I can do now is to remain optimistic. I am very happy, I am trying to recover, hoping to come back at the end of the season, if the season can not come back, it is not the case, I am very happy, Wait until the next season.

Comprar camisetas Dwyane Wade Wade for the Bulls played 57 games this season, he averaged 18.6 points, 4.5 rebounds, 3.9 assists, shooting 43% career low. Last summer Wade signed with the Bulls for a two-year but second-year contract with a player, with his annual salary of $ 24 million next season, but Wade has the right to jump out of the contract. For leaving the Bulls, Wade did not give a clear answer.

"There are a lot of things to consider at this stage, and now consider this issue too early," Wade said.

However, for the Bulls played Wade was very happy, he said: "to adapt to the new environment took me for some time, but in the end I feel very comfortable playing here, I think I play in the way you want. Control my playing time is very good, I try to adjust to adapt to different styles of play, different teammates, their role, but overall, I think my performance is very good.

The Bulls to 32 wins and 36 losses ranked tenth in the East, they and the eighth in the eastern part of the Pistons missed a win, there is still hope to enter the playoffs. Wade encouraged his teammates: "The league has the opportunity, after I was injured, those who did not get enough playing time before, enough to touch the number of players may get the opportunity.We are in the fight for the critical time of the playoffs, These players are an opportunity for them to come forward to help the team. "

Wade's emphasis on Jimmy Butler, he said, "There's a lot of pressure to fall on Butler's shoulders, but he's already under great pressure before, so he's no problem. If he's going to be in my absence It would be a better story to lead the playoffs into the playoffs, and it was a challenge for him, and I would like to see how he accepts the 

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Bulls coach Hoylberg said: "Wade injury, Butler have to bear the enormous pressure, but other people have to come forward, everyone had to enhance the performance, together to fill this gap close to 20 points. As a whole can come forward to fill the vacancy of Wade.